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Deoghar to Bengaluru Direct Flight : Good news! Direct flight started between Deoghar-Bengaluru, know the time and fare

Deoghar to Bengaluru Direct Flight: Air travel between Deoghar and Bengaluru has started from today. Now people will be able to reach Bengaluru by air travel from Deoghar in just two and a half hours. This service will be available three days a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

After the air services from Ranchi, Patna, Kolkata and Delhi, now the names of big cities like Bangalore have also been included in this list. Actually, direct flights between Deoghar and Bangalore have started from today. After Delhi, this will be the second connection of the airport with a big city like Bangalore. With the start of this flight, students studying in South India and the youth working there will benefit a lot. This will also benefit the local economy a lot. Along with this, it will also be easy for pilgrims to visit Baba Baidyanath Jyotirling, Parasnath.

What is the time-fare 

Deoghar Airport was inaugurated on 12 July 2022. At the time of inauguration, flights to Ranchi and Kolkata used to fly from the airport. Gradually, Deoghar Airport expanded and Indigo flights to big cities like Patna, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru also started flying from Deoghar Airport.

Today, Indigo flight number 6E6435 from Bangalore landed at Deoghar Airport at 12:40 pm. Flight number 6E6437 took off from Deoghar Airport at 1:15 pm and will land in Bangalore at 3:45 pm. That means, the journey from Deoghar to South India will now be completed in two and a half hours. People will have to pay Rs 6000 to go from Deoghar to Bangalore by flight.

Flights will be available three days a week

The flights from Devghar to Bangalore will not be available every day. You will be able to enjoy the air service from Devghar to Bangalore only three days a week. Flights between Devghar and Bangalore will be available three days a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Indigo flights are flying from Deoghar Airport to Ranchi, Kolkata, Patna and Delhi, but from today, the South Indian city of Bengaluru has also been included in this list. This will benefit the students studying there and the youth working there.

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