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Gourav Vallabh Resigned : Big blow to Congress! Gaurav Vallabh resigned, said the party has become directionless

Gourav Vallabh Resigned: Gaurav Vallabh wrote in his resignation that in the last few years, I realized that the current form of the party is not able to adjust itself with the youth with new ideas.

Gourav Vallabh Resigned: Congress party has suffered a big blow today i.e. on Thursday. Congress party’s veteran leader and spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh has resigned from all posts of the party. He has said that the Congress party has become directionless, due to which he was feeling uncomfortable.

‘Congress is moving forward without direction’

Gaurav Vallabh wrote on social media platform Can abuse wealth creators. Therefore, I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of the Congress Party.

Gaurabh Vallabh sent resignation to Congress President

In his resignation letter sent to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Gaurav Vallabh wrote that he is emotional and heartbroken. I want to say, write and tell a lot. But my values forbid me from saying anything like that. Still, I am putting my views before you today, because I feel that hiding the truth is also a crime. In such a situation, I do not want to be a part of the crime.

Gaurav Vallabh further wrote that I am a professor of finance. After gaining membership of the Congress Party, he became the national spokesperson of the party. The party’s stand on many issues was presented forcefully to the great people of the country. But for the last few days, I have been feeling uncomfortable with the party’s stand.

When I joined the Congress Party, I believed that Congress was the oldest party in the country. Where young, intellectual people and their ideas are valued. But in the last few years, I realized that the current form of the party is not able to adjust itself with the youth with new ideas.

The ground level connect of the party has completely broken, which is not able to understand the aspiration of a new India at all. Due to which the party is neither able to come to power nor is able to play the role of a strong opposition, this discourages a worker like me. It is extremely difficult to bridge the gap between big leaders and grassroots workers, which is politically necessary. Unless a worker can give direct suggestions to his leader, no positive change is possible.

Dharma eva hato hanti dharmao rakshati rakshitah tasmadharmo na hantavyo ma no dharmao hato’vadhit ॥

I am upset with the stand of the Congress Party in the consecration of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. I am a Hindu by birth and a teacher by profession, this stand of the party has always made me uncomfortable and troubled. Many people associated with the party and the alliance speak against Sanatan, and the party remaining silent on it is like giving tacit approval to it.

These days the party is moving in the wrong direction. On one hand we talk about caste based census, while on the other hand we seem to be opposed to the entire Hindu society, this working style is giving a misleading message to the public that the party is the supporter of a particular religion only. This is against the fundamental principles of Congress.

At present, Congress’ stand on economic matters has always been to humiliate and abuse the wealth creators of the country. Today we have turned against those economic liberalisation, privatization and globalization (LPG) policies for which the world has given us full credit for implementing in the country. The party’s view on every disinvestment taking place in the country was always negative. Is it wrong to earn money by doing business in our country?

Vallabh said that when I took membership of the party, my only aim at that time was to use my ability and capability in economic matters in the interest of the country. We may not be in power, but we could have presented the party’s economic policy-making in the national interest in a better way in our manifesto and elsewhere. But, this effort was not made at the party level, which is no less than a suffocation for a person knowledgeable in economic matters like me.

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