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Gumla Crime News: Young man killed sister-in-law and two nephews, dead body recovered from a pile of cow dung

Gumla Crime News: Basia police station in-charge Chhotu Oraon told that a missing case of the woman and her two children had been registered. Today a meeting was held in the village by calling the village headman. In that, the accused started running out of fear. On being caught, he disclosed the whole matter.

Gumla . In Gumla, a young man brutally murdered his sister-in-law and two nephews in a minor dispute. After the murder, the dead body was hidden in a pile of cow dung lying near the house. The incident is of 29 March. The matter has come to light today. Police has taken the dead body in possession and sent it for postmortem. Here the accused was arrested and sent to jail. Poonam’s husband Nuvel Kandulna has died in the year 2017.

The whole matter pertains to Lungtu Pandra Toli village under Basia police station of the district. Where Enos Kandulna killed his 37-year-old sister-in-law Poonam Kandulna, her son 11-year-old son Pawan Kandulna and 9-year-old son Arpit Kandulna with a sharp weapon. According to the information, the incident is of March 29. After the death of her husband, Poonam used to live with her two sons.

His elder brother-in-law Vishram Kandulna and younger brother-in-law Anos Kandulna lived in the house next to him. On March 29, Vishram Kandulna and sister-in-law Poonam Kandulna went to the weekly potter’s market. From where he brought the chicken, he came home. Vishram Kandulna asked Anos Kandulna to cook the cock and himself went out for some work. Enos and both the nephews started making chicken. Meanwhile Enos swallowed drinking alcohol. When he returned, sister-in-law started quarreling with sister-in-law Poonam in a drunken state. Meanwhile, sister-in-law was attacked with a sharp weapon. The nephew who came to intervene was also attacked. Due to which all three died.

When Vishram Kandulna returned home, he could not find his sister-in-law and children. On asking Anos, he was not giving a clear answer. Even after a lot of research, nothing was found about the sister-in-law and the children, so a complaint was made to the police. This morning a meeting was held by calling the chief Manita Lakda to the village. Enos started running away in fear in the presence of people. After which the villagers chased him, caught him and beat him fiercely. After that he was handed over to the police. When the police took him into custody and strictly interrogated him, the whole matter came to light.

Basia police station in-charge Chhotu Oraon said that the missing case of sister-in-law and her two children was lodged by Vishram Kandulana of Lugtu Pandra Toli village. Today a meeting was held in the village by calling the village headman. In the same fear, Vishram’s brother Enos started running away from Kandulna. On going to catch him, he disclosed the whole matter. He has accepted his crime. He has been arrested and sent to jail. Here the dead body has been removed from the dung heap and sent for postmortem.

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