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Jharkhand Crime News : Police became alert as soon as they got the clue, stopped the truck after checking, everyone was shocked to see the sight

Jharkhand Crime News: Ranchi Police started checking vehicles by conducting a checking campaign in Tamar police station area and in this checking campaign, a container full of drugs was found in the hands of Ranchi Police.

Ranchi Police has achieved great success. In fact, the police have arrested an accused while seizing doda worth Rs 4.5 crore from the Tamar police station area of ​​the capital Ranchi. Drug dealers were sending this huge consignment of drugs to Rajasthan but Ranchi Police has seized the consignment on the basis of secret information. Ranchi Police has seized opium pods loaded in 117 sacks in a container with Rajasthan number.

Actually, this consignment of drugs was being sent from Khunti to Rajasthan, but the police got information about it in time, after which Ranchi Police started a checking campaign in Tamar police station area and started checking the vehicles and in this checking campaign, a container full of drugs was found. Got into the hands of Ranchi Police. Let us tell you that the biggest consignment of this year has been recovered by Ranchi Police, after which the police is now busy in finding out the entire drug syndicate.

According to the information, the police had received the clue of this drug consignment from the Special Branch, after which Ranchi Police became alert and then recovered this drug consignment. In this action, the container with Rajasthan number and the driver resident of Rajasthan have been caught by the police and the police is currently interrogating them.

According to the information, the links of this drug gang are connected to Rajasthan and other states, along with this, information has also been received that after loading the drug consignment in a container from Khunti, it was taken by another driver to the gangster of Ranchi, after which he was arrested by the police. The driver who came was responsible for taking this container to Rajasthan.

The real motive of the drug smugglers behind changing the driver was that no one else should be able to know the information about where the drug consignment was loaded and where it was to be delivered. According to the information given by the driver to the police so far, he was taken to the container on a bike, hence the involvement of the local handler in this smuggling has been confirmed. At present, the police is busy gathering information about the local handlers and people associated with this syndicate.

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