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PM Awas Yojana : What are the rules and eligibility regarding PM Awas Yojana, know all the information related to the scheme before applying.

PM Awas Yojana is being run by the Government of India to ensure that everyone in the country has a permanent house. In this scheme, the government provides permanent houses to the beneficiaries or provides financial assistance to build permanent houses. Only eligible people get the benefit of PM Awas Yojana. Let us know the information related to the scheme in this article.

Every person likes to live in his own home. For this he works hard but due to inflation many times he is not able to fulfill this dream. Many times people buy land but are not able to build a house.

In such a situation, the Government of India has dreamed of everyone having their own house. For this, the government is running PM Awas Yojana. Through this scheme, lakhs of people have realized their dream of owning their own house.

In this scheme, the government provides financial assistance to the beneficiary in building a permanent house. If you have not yet built a permanent house then you can take advantage of this scheme.

Urban and rural people get benefits under PM Awas Yojana. However, it is important to be careful while applying for this scheme. If the applicant makes any mistake then the application may also be rejected.

Let us know what is the eligibility of PM Awas Yojana and what documents are required while applying for this scheme.

PM Awas Yojana Eligibility

  • The applicant applying for the scheme should not have his own house.
  • If any member of the family has a government job then he will also not get the benefit of the scheme.
  • Female heads of families included in EWS and LIG categories will get the benefit of the scheme.
  • The annual income of people associated with EWS should be less than Rs 3 lakh.

Benefits of PM Awas Yojana (PM Awas Yojana Benefits)

  • People living in kutcha or temporary houses get help in getting permanent houses under this scheme.
  • If a person has land, he can also take financial assistance through this scheme to build a house.
  • Subsidy up to Rs 2.5 lakh is given in PM Awas Yojana.
  • The government gives loans on the basis of family income and loan.

While applying for PM Awas Yojana, you must check the eligibility once. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria of this scheme and apply then the application will be rejected. Let us tell you that before the subsidy amount is released, the beneficiary list of PM Awas Yojana is released.

After this, only when something is found correct, the beneficiary gets the scheme amount. This means that even if your name is included in the beneficiary list, it is not necessary that you will get the benefit of the scheme.

To avail the benefits of the scheme, you must have Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Caste Certificate, Age Certificate, Income Certificate. It is mandatory to have Income Certificate, Ration Card, mobile number, bank account details and passport size photo.

How to apply for PM Awas Yojana

Application for PM Awas Yojana can be made online and offline. To apply offline, you will have to go to the nearest public service center. At the same time, you can apply online through the official portal of PM Awas Yojana (

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